Here's what one of my clients had to say: And No I didn't pay her, and yes it was actually her idea! She trains top sales people and felt compelled to write me this testimonial


Tim- throughout the 4 ? months we searched for our ideal home; we switched from one style of house to a dramatically different one. Further while absolutely committed to this 2nd style (rancher with suite with a view on both levels, etc etc etc) i would sometimes email over to you a 3 level home or something equally different from we needed and truly wanted. You never once cringed and challenged me. At the same time you very respectfully reminded me what we had veered and yet still offered to start showing 3 level type real estate. We wandered from one neighbourhood to another. And when we did you went right along with us. and always there for us.

I have to think these type of changes occur with clients often. I doubt however, that most realtors would demonstrate the same good humour and adaptability as you have.

Availability and accessibility

Your office is in Chilliwack, we live in Abbotsford. We did our search primarily in Abbotsford with some mild interest in Mission, and Chilliwack. It didn’t seem to ever matter to you when and where we called. You have always been available by phone and email; and always accommodating to our schedule. When we first met, i had said we would be respectful of your time and not call you at odd hours. You smiled and emphatically said you were always glad to get calls from clients. There were times when we thought we had found our ideal place and excitedly asked if we could see it within 24 hours. you just simply accommodated us. Even on Valentine’s day and because you were going out right after you brought your wife and son! how cool and personable is that!

Instilling confidence with integrity

There were times (i guess because of the market) I was getting somewhat discouraged and thinking maybe we should take from what was out there. You had in your youthful wisdom said that one of the things you didn’t do was to settle. And i so much appreciated that reaffirmation. You also made sure we continually had all the information we needed to have to make responsible decisions. And we kept looking. Really important to me was to not be discounted when we looked at houses. When i found something of concern in any of the houses, you validated my concerns. You offered your opinion as well as to whether or not it would be a big issue to rectify or whatever. The point here is that you didn’t dismiss our comments. We finally found something thanks to you. charlie and I had seen this home on the internet and had dismissed it because it was too expensive. We were in your office. You suggested, without imposing any pressure, that we look at it and just see. Well we ended up loving it. Through your skilled negotiation and unasked-for and kind flexibility with your own commission we were able to purchase it at a price that we could afford.

We are now in a situation where, without the “subject to sale” clause, we must sell our existing home and do so quickly. You indicated with a calm confidence that we will list it a marketable price and we will sell it. Tim – like the old Allstate motto, “you are in our hands) well here we are and I have trust in you.

Integrity with the client in mind: in selling our home – given it is in Abbotsford and your office is in Chilliwack, while indicating you w/b totally available you also offered to connect with an Abbotsford realtor to get this house moving. As discussed, we jointly decided that only if we need this back-up plan would we go to it. And while you are of the professional mindset that open houses don’t necessarily work and I asked that you please consider it anyhow because i might want it after two weeks of being on the market, you had said that you absolutely would. TIM, all combined, these are great examples of fabulous client service with values that are to be applauded. In talking with our mortgage officer, we were faced with some questions that I felt more confident including you in the interaction. You never hesitated and tended to it. thank you

In getting to be our realtor

At the onset; we simply wanted to see a house you had on the market. We had no intentions of connecting with you in our search. You asked if you could be our realtor; said there would be no obligation if we weren’t happy and that you assured us of fabulous service. We said ok with some hesitation ... and never looked back. The point is that you never pushed anything on us. You also always kept in contact with us. As previously mentioned; while i was emailing stuff (questions, concerns, etc) to you the other , you called and said that you wanted to maintain the personal connection and phoned direct rather than email. That is very classy, personable and is the type of behaviour which lends itself to you becoming and remaining our realtor. not necessarily a big deal but a good deal.

It is also about money

In these times it is also more than ever about getting better than good value - actually– great value coupled with being able to afford this value. And in fairness to us, we are seniors. Tim you have consistently come through with being flexible, open minded and sensitive to our financial needs.

on behalf of Charlie and I – we humbly thank you.

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